Motor Belt, Cog, Item 314850-00, Necchi 500 Series, Short Belt *


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Motor belt. 102XL025, 51T, short belt, 102XL, Item 314850-00 -- 341DS

Fits: Necchi 500 series (most), 542, 544MK2, 544MK3, 565, and Lydia 3.

To know the size you need, either measure the belt or measure the area where the belt would fit in your machine. If measuring the belt, use a tape measure to measure the entire circumference. Take into consideration if the belt has stretched over the years. If you are measuring the area where the belt fits in the machine, use a piece of string to fit it in the proper area of the machine and then measure the length of the string. Do not fold the belt in half to measure it as that will give you the wrong measurement. You must measure the entire circumference.