Even Feed Walking Foot w/Conversion Kit, Kenmore Super High

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NEW EVEN FEED WALKING FOOT WITH SUPER HIGH SHANK, SCREWS, AND DIRECTIONS, FITS SOME 148 & MOST 158 SERIES -- Check the model list below or ask us if you aren't sure what size your machine needs.

With this foot, you will remove the original locking bar so you can convert your machine to low shank. If you do not want to remove the locking bar and convert to low shank, then you need to purchase the original walking foot at Click here for product details. If you do want to convert your machine, you can then use low shank feet. You can also reinstall the locking bar for super high shank feet.

When you are sewing multiple layers of fabric, you want them to move through the machine at the same rate. Feed dogs on the bottom of a walking foot firmly feed the top fabric precisely as feed dogs move the bottom layer. There is no more shifting! Great for quilting or matching plaids.

You will receive directions for installation. If your machine is super high shank, it can use only two styles of walking feet, both of which are no longer being produced and are a rather rare find. This is one of the two styles, and it comes with the adapter piece and everything needed for your machine. This even feed walking foot will work on any super high shank (bar) Kenmore, guaranteed. In one of our photos, you can see we have it installed on a super high shank Kenmore Model 158.18130.

Recent Customer Review: "Best buy ever. Included all parts and very clear instructions. Highly recommend." --Joe S., Livonia, Michigan

Fits: Kenmore super high shank models, including (but not limited to): 158.15810, 158.16410, 158.16801, 158.17033, 158.17600, 158.17812, 158.17910, 158.17911, 158.18023, 158.18033, 158.18130, 158.19130, 158.19131, 158.19140, 158.19141, 158.19310, 158.19410, 158.19411, 158.19412, 158.19802, and others.

We believe these Kenmore machines are also super high shank but please double check the shank height if you have one of these machines as this list was mostly compiled from customer information given to us and we have not verified it: 1400, 1625, 1690, 1703, 1780, 1803, 1813, 1814, 1917, 1940, 1941, 1974, 17600, 17921, 17840, 17841, 17860, 17871, 17891, 17922, 17921, 158.1281, 158.1350, 158.16520, 158.17032, 158.16900, 158.17810, 158.17140, 158.16030, 158.17033, 158.17841, 158.18800, and 158.19471

*Note: We offer the other style, as well: Click here for product details.

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